Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Solstice!

How's that for politically correct? Any Romans here?

Okay, now for the Christmas news. We have some freebies available, of course, and these are:

Long Days in Paradise - A complete self contained novel and part one of the shard series. If you don't have it, then get it :)

Mirrim Dawn - A full length novel of Dawn's coming of age and the search for her father and her brother. Her story then concludes in dramatic Mirrim Vale.

And there are always a few free shorts on my Smashwords page.

Vampire Planet has been through a 2 week free preview period and will now go on holiday for the final edit and be back for release in the new year. Watch out for that one.

Haven Earth, although delayed slightly, will also be available in the new year as a trilogy set. The first novel will be offered free of charge. Oh yes. This first novel will cover the original concept of the short story, Rings of Earth, which was never completed. It was just way to much for a short story after all. When Melissa wakes into the reality of an unexpected future, the reality of her existence will take some time to come to terms with. She must then find her place in that... not very brave new world.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vampire Planet

LinkVampire Planet was on Smashwords for a free preview download for a while there, and that has finished. It will be back after the next edits in it's final form. Check the blog for the final release date!

An alien invasion with a difference... Those of the Blood have lived in a world of peace for almost three centuries, the curse of humanity almost forgotten, the territories of earth now controlled by the the great houses that remain. And yet the terror returns, Sylvia's love slaughtered before her very eyes. Humans, a race thought long conquered. Now Silvia must face a world of such creatures...