Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Solstice!

How's that for politically correct? Any Romans here?

Okay, now for the Christmas news. We have some freebies available, of course, and these are:

Long Days in Paradise - A complete self contained novel and part one of the shard series. If you don't have it, then get it :)

Mirrim Dawn - A full length novel of Dawn's coming of age and the search for her father and her brother. Her story then concludes in dramatic Mirrim Vale.

And there are always a few free shorts on my Smashwords page.

Vampire Planet has been through a 2 week free preview period and will now go on holiday for the final edit and be back for release in the new year. Watch out for that one.

Haven Earth, although delayed slightly, will also be available in the new year as a trilogy set. The first novel will be offered free of charge. Oh yes. This first novel will cover the original concept of the short story, Rings of Earth, which was never completed. It was just way to much for a short story after all. When Melissa wakes into the reality of an unexpected future, the reality of her existence will take some time to come to terms with. She must then find her place in that... not very brave new world.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vampire Planet

LinkVampire Planet was on Smashwords for a free preview download for a while there, and that has finished. It will be back after the next edits in it's final form. Check the blog for the final release date!

An alien invasion with a difference... Those of the Blood have lived in a world of peace for almost three centuries, the curse of humanity almost forgotten, the territories of earth now controlled by the the great houses that remain. And yet the terror returns, Sylvia's love slaughtered before her very eyes. Humans, a race thought long conquered. Now Silvia must face a world of such creatures...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nano Win and Christmas Celebration!

So I decided I needed something to celebrate the completion of #nanowrimo, and with Christmas coming up, I thought this was a nice opportunity for another give-away.

That's right. FREE for Christmas - a sale right up to and including Christmas day. This is so that when you get the kindle or nook under the tree from Santa, you will be able to grab a novel to put straight on it.

And for the magic FREE code... drum roll... It is WE28F

Just head to Smashwords now and grab your FREE copy of Long Days in Paradise!Link

And so it is complete...

Well, November is drawing to a close and so is #nanowrimo for another year. And this was a good one. I started with an odd premise and an opening death scene, some basic ideas about current society, and came up with a somewhat lurid cover. I wrote notes and plans. I researched vampires a little and the 18th century a lot, more ancient myth even more. I created a world, a parallel earth that was somewhat unlike our own.... All in October, of course.

Then it was a matter of hitting the ground running for November, which worked very well, and the 50,000 words were typed by the 8th. That was easier than I thought, but by that stage the main supporting character, and perhaps the best in the entire novel which was essentially based around her, had not long appeared on the stage. Sure, she had met the main character, picked her up as a very wet hitch-hiker, taken her to New York... Only to walk in on an armed robbery and have this unknown woman take a bullet for her. And it goes downhill from there to the line:

“What would make me most comfortable would be to not have a vampire in my apartment.”

It was clear there was more novel to come. Another 43k in fact, which took until the 14th to complete, with a little epilogue work on the 15th. This has meant that there was plenty of time to do a quick first edit to make the story more consistent - there are always new ideas as you go and you might as well do those while they are fresh. It's a time for filling in the blanks. This is what they call a frangle in this universe. Silvia really did have three pairs of spare underwear. It also means that the release time-line looks a lot better than last year's rebel nano which took until March for the first draft and is still not finished editing.

Hopefully this means Vampire Planet will see an early release in 2012 as one of the more unusual alien invasion stories of the hour. I will leave with the last line of the novel...

“Welcome to Vampire Planet, my friends,” he then said with a smile.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vampire Planet

Yes. It's true. November will be NaNoWriMo and it will be the beginning of the end for vampire legends everywhere. It's time to end the human propaganda once and for all.

The great cleansing of the 18th century saw the annihilation of a race in more than one universe. Now two vastly different cultures are set to clash between realities previously unknown.

The People of the Blood have lived in a world of peace for almost three centuries, the curse of humanity almost forgotten, the territories of earth now controlled by the the great houses that remain. And yet the terror returns, Sylvia's love slaughtered before her very eyes. Humans. They are a race thought long to have been conquered and absorbed into the blood, a people who had forever been at war with both the blood and themselves. Now a threat comes from a place never expected, and Silvia must face a world where such humans number in the billions in the hope she might save the earth from invasion and ultimate destruction.

And all Emily wants to do is get home, have a good nights sleep, and get to work in the morning. Having to deal with a vampire in her apartment was just never part of the plan.

Be afraid, be very afraid. The fabric of the universe has a hole in it, and you don't want to know what is on the other side...

The Wall...

The wall is something you hit when editing three novels at once. It is made of very hard brick I think. The main rewrite of Haven Earth is done and the editing and polishing has begun. It's about this time that you really start to hate everything you read and need a break...

So... enter the National Novel Writing Month. Yes. What the heck. I need a break, I need to write for a change, and NaNo is a good excuse. I still hope to have Haven Earth out for Christmas, although that will be a stretch. Should still have at least the first of the three ready.

Before that we have... Vampire Planet. That's right, it will be NaNo vampires like few have ever seen. Emily can point all the crosses and throw all the holy water she wants at these guys, but it's not going to help, and sticking a piece of wood through their chest is just going to really annoy these guys. Sylvia has just seen her lover killed by humans, and she is out for blood - human blood.

Be afraid, be very afraid, and be prepared for Vampire quotes starting November 1st 2011 on a blog near you... And on twitter, facebook and google+. That's right, nowhere will be safe.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Coming soon - Haven Earth

The Haven Earth series is slated for release Christmas 2011.

Welcome to the 27th century.

In the 22nd century humanity knows there is only one way to save the surface of a suffering earth, and that is to abandon it completely. Those who remain do so in a primitive state, living at one with their world.

Five hundred years later such things are long forgotten, many of the surface dwellers again developing toward industrialized civilization. Meanwhile the people of the commonwealth view earth as a pristine haven where citizens save a lifetime to venture at least once to a luxury surface resort.

A new battle for the preservation of the surface looms, and the lives of millions, perhaps even billions, are now at stake.

For a hairdresser from the 21st century all it means is a world without towels and toilet paper - or sunblock. As a redhead that just might be an issue. On top of that she is not even altogether sure who she really is.

Cloning, genetic engineering, space stations, people with spears, surfing, outdoor barbecues on Catalina, sharks, pristine resorts in Bermuda, giant space lasers... oh yes, it has them all. Stay tuned. Watch this space. These are the events of just 14 days that will determine the fate of humanity and the lives of billions.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Free Novel September!

Long Days in Paradise is FREE! for the month of September. Just use the Code: YE63E. This is due to a celebration of the fact that the series is now complete and the second and third novels are even more awesome than the first. I even recently received a phone call from a reader of the third novel she was so excited about it. Yes, that's right, someone actually rang me to say just how cool it was. Okay, so it was my sister, but she probably reads about ten times more books than I do, so I was suitably impressed. I think you will be too.

And wait, there's more. I'll even throw in a excerpt from The Face of Destiny, the third shards novel, since you went to the trouble of reading this far. See, it was worth it after all...

Soon the passages were lit by patches and slices of reds and yellows issuing from cracks in the huge and occasionally creaking timber panels above, and there were dusty expanses he could peek at through gaps he passed from time to time. Okay, so he had no idea where he was going, but he was making good time.

Until the cockroach.

At least Jorden assumed it was a cockroach. It had the right shape and it scuttled in much the same way – though sluggishly compared to one of Tasmania. It was just slightly larger. Well, actually it was a lot larger. It was the size of a large dog, although not the same shape. It was lower to the ground and wider and more... cockroach shaped.

It came closer, Jorden backing. He wasn't sure what a giant cockroach was likely to eat, but the size of its serrated mouth parts didn't fill him with any confidence about it being a strict vegetarian. It was almost as bad as facing a polythorn back in Maeruna, yet he doubted he had the advantage of it being repelled by his anger. At the moment he was feeling fear and he hoped it wasn't attracted by that.

Then another shape slid from the shadows and there was a flash of metal in the shards of light. Jorden jumped aside as the metal point of a weapon caught the cockroach on its armoured thorax. He saw it flinch and back; then scuttle away.

Jorden stared and blinked. He had been saved by girl in a bright yellow dress carrying a very large sewing needle. It was over half as long as she was, with a point and eye. Definitely a giant needle. He could only continue to stare. She did much the same for a moment, but Jorden noticed there was something different about her. She was not the same as others he had seen in the House.

He looked carefully. “You don't have wings,” he found himself saying. Normally something like that wouldn't be out of the ordinary, but here...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Megan Series...

Yes. Due to popular demand there will (likely) be more books in the Megan series, possibly some time in 2012 if all goes well (and it actually gets written). The main core of this series will be three reasonably self contained books covering the fate of the Megan on Zarrellen. There is also a prequel novel which may be released at the appropriate juncture (when I get around to a rewrite), as well as potentially further novels in the series set in a later period of time.

Now, I think I put enough qualifiers in there. Michael green certainly wants to get off of Zarrellen before he is completely cooked by radiation, but getting off might not be that easy. He still has work to do before getting off, and even when he does leave I have this feeling he'll be back. Things certainly look to be heading downhill for Tao-Lani and the girls, and the fate of a new race is at stake. The question remains as to whether the universe is big enough for both megan and humanity.

But that is another story...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Haven Earth Teaser...

A rough excerpt from Haven Earth as Malibu and the girls hit the beach on Catalina...

In the end it appeared about twenty were heading to the beach at some stage, but perhaps only ten or so in the near future. Most were in the same clothes they had been wearing on the flight down, but I did manage to get Sierra and Tiger and a couple of others into swim costumes that looked like one piece antiques from the 1920's, Tiger even had a little skirt. It was all very retro, and actually quite cute. I assumed she had picked mine as well, but I had no idea why she had chosen white polka dots on pink.

I could see, however, the beach might be more of a challenge than I first thought. Many of the crew were having trouble even managing the stairway to the lower levels beneath the enclosed balcony leading from the Catalina terminal to the resort proper, or haven as the locals called it. After negotiating that obstacle, and it actually seemed that many had never – ever – seen a stairway in their entire lives, we came a landscaped nature strip which acted as a buffer between the haven and the beach. There were a few patrons in the open shade here and there, most older rather than younger, but the majority seemed to be further inland behind the safety of the extensive glazing.

Then we hit the sand. It was dry toward the top of the beach and already warm in the morning sun, the light of that flashing on wave crests ahead. I was already barefoot, something Nile had protested and I ignored, and I relished the sand between my toes. It was somewhat course, and not particularly white when seen up close, but it was there and real and that was enough. I noticed some of the more adventurous patrons were even out on the sand, but no more than thirty across the entire beach – and nobody was anywhere near the ocean itself.

I noted the murmur of those with me as they followed, some struggling with a soft uneven surface that was so unlike the smooth floors of Avalon. I wondered if they had even walked in parks as part of their preparation for deployment. A few were even hanging back at the nature strip and that was okay for me. It would be enough for them to just get a feel for the outside world without passing out, at least for now.

Tiger, however, was near, as was Sierra. There were others as well, although the group was starting to spread somewhat, each with their own points of interest. Most were gazing toward the ocean, of course. Few if any had ever seen the ocean with their own eyes, including myself when I thought about it, and now it was near – high tide perhaps, but neap. I looked for the moon without any luck.

I wasn't stopping with the sand, of course, and waded out into the surf, the cool water dragging at my calves. It wasn't chill, but then it wasn't exactly warm either, and I looked back to the others, noticing I had something of an audience. “Come on in, it's great,” And I backed slowly away, the waves crashing against my thighs.

Tiger was near enough that a wave slid over her toes and foamed about her ankles. The look on her face was priceless. “It's wet,” she said, stating the obvious.

I could only laugh. “It's water, dummy.” I glanced to the calm waters of the bay. “You wanted to swim, so let's swim.”

Sierra by then was standing in water to her knees, reaching down and letting it run through her fingers, while several others were brave enough to at least set foot in the breakers. “You can't swim here,” Tiger was saying. “It's full of things that bite and eat you.”

I smiled and I turned, diving into the surf, a squeal of exclamation behind that was soon lost to a roaring in my ears. It was a day of firsts for me, but then my new life would be full of such things. I had memories of this, and now actually swimming in the endless waters of planet earth hardened such memory to stone, made it real and tactile. I could feel the currents tug at my flesh, feel the coolness of the water – hear and smell and taste...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Face of Destiny Redux...

The Face of Destiny is now on

That is pretty much the entire Jorden saga. Book 4 will be the Pandora story, of course.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Saga of the Missing Links.

We have finally nailed down the bug that was causing links not to work in books uploaded to Smashwords. This means that all books will be gradually updated during the normal revision process to include working links. Yay. Other than that it doesn't mean very much at all. lol.

Also since epub supports a prologue and epilogue, Long Days in Paradise has been returned to its correct chapter numbering system and again has a prologue and epilogue as it should rather than odd chapter numbering that it had there for a while. The latest version, with working links to the map as well, is now available for download at smashwords using the above link. Link

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Face of Destiny

The Third Book of the Shards of Heaven has a name, we hope, and a potential cover design. This brings it that little bit closer to release. The series is being fast tracked a little due to popular demand, but it will still take a few weeks to get this one out I think.

This is essentially the final part of the Jorden story. The world goes on, of course, but that will likely be someone else's story. Exactly who that is will be revealed in time, perhaps even toward the end of this novel, and Jorden will likely have a cameo in the next instalment when we finally get around to putting pixels to paper.

Can things get any worse for Jorden? Well yes, unfortunately. This time Helen has gone to far in her quest for the ultimate knowledge of the reality of the shards, and this time with even more tragic results. She will leave Maeruna, this time forever. Jorden too plans to leave it all behind, but thanks to Helen, that is going to be a lot harder than he would like.

And yes. The mysterious Aingeal makes the cover. Secrets are revealed. This is a story of death and life and all those pieces in between...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Latest Releases!

The long awaited sequel to Long Days in Paradise, The Time of the Dula Kaena is now on Smashwords! Over the last few days the Mirrim Dawn sequence - Mirrim Dawn and Mirrim Vale - has also been released.

Not sure what the next project will be, so watch this space. Current projects include the (essentially completed) Haven Earth novel(s), the first Divo novel, and a proposed definitive science fiction vampire epic, Vampire Planet (until it gets another name, if ever). We may also see the the Megan prequel, Cadan, in print sometime, as well as perhaps more Delta Pavonis stories to give background to Housekeeping.

The third Shards of Heaven novel, The Face of Destiny, will also be released, hopefully this year. And yes, Jorden is in more trouble than ever. Things can always be worse in the shard worlds. This will essentially complete the Jorden Miles story for a while, although we still hope he will be back for a cameo appearance in the fourth Shards novel some time in the future.

We also have more Alice stories, such as Alice and the Beanstalk to follow the wildly popular Alice and the Rabbit short. I am looking forward to reading what happens there!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Haven Earth

Whew! The first draft of the epic Haven Earth novel/series is essentially complete (still have some of the epilogue to do, but it's like 3 pages tops) and it is good to finally put that baby to bed for a while. This will probably be released next year some time at best and it will either be 1, 2 or 3 novels depending on how later drafts pull it into shape. At the moments it's just a block of 270k words of raw text with a lot of blood sweat and tears throughout, mostly the characters'.

This is a pure sci-fi piece set in the 27th century in our familiar universe, post global warming. And no, its not the standard dystopia either, far from it, but even in the enlightened brave new world there are going to be snakes in the forest. Although not literally. I don't think there are actually any snakes in prominent roles, maybe some on the menu now and then, but there are some nice forests. I will add some more snakes if there seems to be a large demand for them, of course.

Cloning, genetic engineering, space stations, people with spears, surfing, outdoor barbecues on Catalina, sharks, pristine resorts in Bermuda, giant space lasers... oh yes, we have them all. Stay tuned. Watch this space. These are the events of just 14 days that will determine the fate of humanity and the lives of billions.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Time of the Dula Kaena

Time of the Dula Kaena -Coming last quarter 2011!

We have a proposed cover at least, the story complete. The final layout is still in the works. This is both a continuation of the Jorden and Taf story, as well as being a reasonably self contained stand alone book. This is an opportunity to learn more about the history of Maeruna, the Domain, the heritage of the aestri and the burgo, and the truth about Hura herself. If Jorden thought he was in trouble in the first book, he hasn't seen anything yet. I have heard that even a mexin makes an appearance in the dramatic finale! No expense has been spared!

Jorden had been living in a world of dream for weeks, or perhaps hours depending on his frame of reference, but he knew he needed to head home, at least for a while. There were things he had to sort out, loose ends he had left behind, farewells he had to make. Having his not-quite-human girlfriend Taf possess his mother, however, was not about to make his time at home run smoothly.

The warning Taf brings with her doesn't help either. The witch-god Hura is planning on retirement and that is never going to be a good thing. There were too many others ready to fill the power vacuum that was sure to exist after she left, and the lower class races were going to bear the brunt of any conflict that developed. Jorden knew he had to return to the Domain and stop her doing anything stupid and bringing about a race war that was sure to kill thousands.

When Hura then vanishes into a void right before Jorden's eyes he knows things are just going to get worse, and finding himself transported to one the darkest tunnels in existence doesn't help either. The only way to save the Domain this time is to find Hura Ghiana and the Dula Kaena cult that appear to have taken her, and learning more means facing his girlfriend's mother, Midnight, who is already more than willing to tear him to shreds. It also means unlocking secrets of a past Jorden isn't sure he wants to know about, including a very dark history of Hura herself and the fall from power of vast empires in a time of myth.

Jorden has to travel through pieces of Heaven and Hell and a few places in between just to find those responsible for all that has happened.

And getting home again is going to be a hell of a lot harder...

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Housekeeping is now on ebook. Murder in space, where no-one can hear you... um... bleed. Three women alone with decades left on a voyage that has already taken centuries. Nowhere to run, and one of them is a killer!

There are quite a number of Delta Pavonis stories in the pile. These are several separate stories detailing the launch of colony ships from earth, parts of the journey of one of those, the hardships faced on Delta Pavonis, and the remains of civilisation on earth. It's essentially the same universe as Megan and Mirrim Dawn, only separated by millennia. (Different to the Divo, Haven Earth and Shards universe.)

The plan is one day to put these stories together in a Delta Pavonis Anthology, but until then I have reissued Housekeeping (originally published in Alien Shores) and likely will release a couple of the other more self-contained pieces as short story ebooks on Smashwords.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mirrim Dawn

Mirrim Dawn is due to be published on real soon now, likely well before the next Shards novel as it is in a somewhat more finished state. Like the Megan series it is pure science fiction, although presented in a somewhat fantasy style. This is a somewhat epic tale covering many years, a story of life and death, of love and loss, good and evil and a few shades of grey in between.

It is the story of Dawn...

Her world of Theos had been settled in a time long forgotten by the Federation, Dawn born to a simple and peaceful agrarian existence, her village living in harmony with the gods and their land.

That was before the coming of the demons in the form of men, those who had been cast from the heavens in flames before she had even been born.

As a child, everyone she had known was lost to Dawn, her mother dying within her own arms, her village destroyed, the gods vanquished. As a young woman alone she is left to carve out a new life for herself in a now harsh and dangerous land, to find the truth of her heritage, and to one day bring the word of the gods back to her people despite the opposition of its demon Masters, men who eagerly slay those who dare preach the word of the gods.

In a journey of discovery across the face of Theos, her goal to one day travel to the distant lands of the holy mirrim and stand within its temple, Dawn's faith is tested as she sees the great changes and loss of hope the rule of the Masters has brought to her world. Then there is the truth of the place of Theos amongst the stars, the echoed words of an unknown father who denied the very existence of the gods, and a long lost brother who now may now stand amongst the ranks of the enemy.

And a war is coming, battles already fought by the hardy mountain people who will not submit to the rule of the masters, more lives lost. Dawn somehow knows within that it is up to her to restore peace and harmony to her world, even if it should take life itself away from her, and free her people from such death as well as the tyrannical rule of the Masters.

Only those of the stars above can know how such things can be achieved...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Shards of Heaven...

And yes, for those who have asked, the next Shards of Heaven novel is still 'coming soon' if the various characters can co-operate for just a little while longer. The third novel of the series has also essentially been locked down, and now simply needs a little plaster, some plumbing, and a great deal of paint.

Expect to see The Time of the Dula Kaena later this year - that would be 2011. I remember when 2011 was the future. I wonder if 2001 is up for a ebook reissue? hmm. So there will be at least two more Jorden Miles tales coming along, and he has agreed to make a guest appearance in the forth book of the series - although that is being negotiated as we speak.

For a hint of what is to come, a sneak preview of the back cover...

Jorden returns home only to find that his mother has been possessed by his not-quite-human girlfriend. Meanwhile in the land of dream the witch-god has gone missing, and an all out race war is about to break loose. Jorden knows that he has to find Hura before it's too late, and that journey is going to take him through Heaven and Hell and quite a few places in between.

Can't wait to read that one.

Days are far too short...

Currently beating some older works into shape, some of which have long been labelled as complete, as well as discovering new stories in some of the darker and weirder recesses of what I will generously call my mind. I still will tend to agree that works are never really finished, simply brought to a state where they can be shared with others with minimal nausea, eye-strain, and exploding brain syndrome in general.

At the same time I am trying to pen the final chapters of the somewhat epic (in length at least) novel currently dubbed 'Haven Earth', original working title 'Rings of Earth', and to see Melissa Fifteen of Malibu finally gets settled in her 27th century home... if she should live so long. I hope all you folks out there will voice a little prayer that she gets through this okay and survives to the end of the novel.

The New Blog (or, to blog or not to blog)

Sitting here wondering if I should start another Blog. It would not be the first and I am notorious for starting these things and letting them quickly fade away... Some serious thought required ;)

The last was lost is a series of unfortunate hosting changes, let us see how well this one will survive.