Thursday, September 22, 2011

Coming soon - Haven Earth

The Haven Earth series is slated for release Christmas 2011.

Welcome to the 27th century.

In the 22nd century humanity knows there is only one way to save the surface of a suffering earth, and that is to abandon it completely. Those who remain do so in a primitive state, living at one with their world.

Five hundred years later such things are long forgotten, many of the surface dwellers again developing toward industrialized civilization. Meanwhile the people of the commonwealth view earth as a pristine haven where citizens save a lifetime to venture at least once to a luxury surface resort.

A new battle for the preservation of the surface looms, and the lives of millions, perhaps even billions, are now at stake.

For a hairdresser from the 21st century all it means is a world without towels and toilet paper - or sunblock. As a redhead that just might be an issue. On top of that she is not even altogether sure who she really is.

Cloning, genetic engineering, space stations, people with spears, surfing, outdoor barbecues on Catalina, sharks, pristine resorts in Bermuda, giant space lasers... oh yes, it has them all. Stay tuned. Watch this space. These are the events of just 14 days that will determine the fate of humanity and the lives of billions.


  1. Ooh, that sounds like fun!

  2. Well, we hope so. Although Malibu misses towels and toilet paper.