Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Wall...

The wall is something you hit when editing three novels at once. It is made of very hard brick I think. The main rewrite of Haven Earth is done and the editing and polishing has begun. It's about this time that you really start to hate everything you read and need a break...

So... enter the National Novel Writing Month. Yes. What the heck. I need a break, I need to write for a change, and NaNo is a good excuse. I still hope to have Haven Earth out for Christmas, although that will be a stretch. Should still have at least the first of the three ready.

Before that we have... Vampire Planet. That's right, it will be NaNo vampires like few have ever seen. Emily can point all the crosses and throw all the holy water she wants at these guys, but it's not going to help, and sticking a piece of wood through their chest is just going to really annoy these guys. Sylvia has just seen her lover killed by humans, and she is out for blood - human blood.

Be afraid, be very afraid, and be prepared for Vampire quotes starting November 1st 2011 on a blog near you... And on twitter, facebook and google+. That's right, nowhere will be safe.

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