Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Shards of Heaven...

And yes, for those who have asked, the next Shards of Heaven novel is still 'coming soon' if the various characters can co-operate for just a little while longer. The third novel of the series has also essentially been locked down, and now simply needs a little plaster, some plumbing, and a great deal of paint.

Expect to see The Time of the Dula Kaena later this year - that would be 2011. I remember when 2011 was the future. I wonder if 2001 is up for a ebook reissue? hmm. So there will be at least two more Jorden Miles tales coming along, and he has agreed to make a guest appearance in the forth book of the series - although that is being negotiated as we speak.

For a hint of what is to come, a sneak preview of the back cover...

Jorden returns home only to find that his mother has been possessed by his not-quite-human girlfriend. Meanwhile in the land of dream the witch-god has gone missing, and an all out race war is about to break loose. Jorden knows that he has to find Hura before it's too late, and that journey is going to take him through Heaven and Hell and quite a few places in between.

Can't wait to read that one.

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