Thursday, July 28, 2011

Haven Earth

Whew! The first draft of the epic Haven Earth novel/series is essentially complete (still have some of the epilogue to do, but it's like 3 pages tops) and it is good to finally put that baby to bed for a while. This will probably be released next year some time at best and it will either be 1, 2 or 3 novels depending on how later drafts pull it into shape. At the moments it's just a block of 270k words of raw text with a lot of blood sweat and tears throughout, mostly the characters'.

This is a pure sci-fi piece set in the 27th century in our familiar universe, post global warming. And no, its not the standard dystopia either, far from it, but even in the enlightened brave new world there are going to be snakes in the forest. Although not literally. I don't think there are actually any snakes in prominent roles, maybe some on the menu now and then, but there are some nice forests. I will add some more snakes if there seems to be a large demand for them, of course.

Cloning, genetic engineering, space stations, people with spears, surfing, outdoor barbecues on Catalina, sharks, pristine resorts in Bermuda, giant space lasers... oh yes, we have them all. Stay tuned. Watch this space. These are the events of just 14 days that will determine the fate of humanity and the lives of billions.

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