Saturday, August 6, 2011

Latest Releases!

The long awaited sequel to Long Days in Paradise, The Time of the Dula Kaena is now on Smashwords! Over the last few days the Mirrim Dawn sequence - Mirrim Dawn and Mirrim Vale - has also been released.

Not sure what the next project will be, so watch this space. Current projects include the (essentially completed) Haven Earth novel(s), the first Divo novel, and a proposed definitive science fiction vampire epic, Vampire Planet (until it gets another name, if ever). We may also see the the Megan prequel, Cadan, in print sometime, as well as perhaps more Delta Pavonis stories to give background to Housekeeping.

The third Shards of Heaven novel, The Face of Destiny, will also be released, hopefully this year. And yes, Jorden is in more trouble than ever. Things can always be worse in the shard worlds. This will essentially complete the Jorden Miles story for a while, although we still hope he will be back for a cameo appearance in the fourth Shards novel some time in the future.

We also have more Alice stories, such as Alice and the Beanstalk to follow the wildly popular Alice and the Rabbit short. I am looking forward to reading what happens there!

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