Monday, August 8, 2011

The Face of Destiny

The Third Book of the Shards of Heaven has a name, we hope, and a potential cover design. This brings it that little bit closer to release. The series is being fast tracked a little due to popular demand, but it will still take a few weeks to get this one out I think.

This is essentially the final part of the Jorden story. The world goes on, of course, but that will likely be someone else's story. Exactly who that is will be revealed in time, perhaps even toward the end of this novel, and Jorden will likely have a cameo in the next instalment when we finally get around to putting pixels to paper.

Can things get any worse for Jorden? Well yes, unfortunately. This time Helen has gone to far in her quest for the ultimate knowledge of the reality of the shards, and this time with even more tragic results. She will leave Maeruna, this time forever. Jorden too plans to leave it all behind, but thanks to Helen, that is going to be a lot harder than he would like.

And yes. The mysterious Aingeal makes the cover. Secrets are revealed. This is a story of death and life and all those pieces in between...

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