Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Megan Series...

Yes. Due to popular demand there will (likely) be more books in the Megan series, possibly some time in 2012 if all goes well (and it actually gets written). The main core of this series will be three reasonably self contained books covering the fate of the Megan on Zarrellen. There is also a prequel novel which may be released at the appropriate juncture (when I get around to a rewrite), as well as potentially further novels in the series set in a later period of time.

Now, I think I put enough qualifiers in there. Michael green certainly wants to get off of Zarrellen before he is completely cooked by radiation, but getting off might not be that easy. He still has work to do before getting off, and even when he does leave I have this feeling he'll be back. Things certainly look to be heading downhill for Tao-Lani and the girls, and the fate of a new race is at stake. The question remains as to whether the universe is big enough for both megan and humanity.

But that is another story...

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