Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mirrim Dawn

Mirrim Dawn is due to be published on real soon now, likely well before the next Shards novel as it is in a somewhat more finished state. Like the Megan series it is pure science fiction, although presented in a somewhat fantasy style. This is a somewhat epic tale covering many years, a story of life and death, of love and loss, good and evil and a few shades of grey in between.

It is the story of Dawn...

Her world of Theos had been settled in a time long forgotten by the Federation, Dawn born to a simple and peaceful agrarian existence, her village living in harmony with the gods and their land.

That was before the coming of the demons in the form of men, those who had been cast from the heavens in flames before she had even been born.

As a child, everyone she had known was lost to Dawn, her mother dying within her own arms, her village destroyed, the gods vanquished. As a young woman alone she is left to carve out a new life for herself in a now harsh and dangerous land, to find the truth of her heritage, and to one day bring the word of the gods back to her people despite the opposition of its demon Masters, men who eagerly slay those who dare preach the word of the gods.

In a journey of discovery across the face of Theos, her goal to one day travel to the distant lands of the holy mirrim and stand within its temple, Dawn's faith is tested as she sees the great changes and loss of hope the rule of the Masters has brought to her world. Then there is the truth of the place of Theos amongst the stars, the echoed words of an unknown father who denied the very existence of the gods, and a long lost brother who now may now stand amongst the ranks of the enemy.

And a war is coming, battles already fought by the hardy mountain people who will not submit to the rule of the masters, more lives lost. Dawn somehow knows within that it is up to her to restore peace and harmony to her world, even if it should take life itself away from her, and free her people from such death as well as the tyrannical rule of the Masters.

Only those of the stars above can know how such things can be achieved...

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